By Mari Kasanuki
Updated Oct 30, 2014 @ 12:16 pm
Credit: Courtesy

Katie Holmes has been moving on and up since her 2012 divorce from Tom Cruise, and she's finally opening up about her new life.

While the actress acknowledges that her five-year marriage to Cruise and their subsequent split made an impact on the public, she hopes that it won't make up her entire identity. "I don't want that moment in my life to define me, to be who I am," she says in this week's issue of People. "I don't want that to be what I'm known as. I was an actor before, an actor during and an actor now."

Holmes, who appeared in The Giver this summer, is set to reprise her role as Jackie O. in the upcoming miniseries The Kennedys: After Camelot.

The Dawson's Creek sweetheart, 35, hasn't publicly dated anyone in the time since her separation from Cruise, 52, but she says that she still "absolutely" believes in love and hopes to eventually fall in love once more. "Yes. Someday," she says. "I'm a very loving person. Of course I'm open to finding love again."

But there's one thing that Holmes values above all else: "Motherhood means everything to me," the mom to 8-year-old Suri tells People. "I'm learning every day, and I have been since the minute I became a mom."

"Between tickle fights and glitter art, I try to throw in some manners along the way. I try to have good manners too, so that's what she sees. I also try to be very creative with her, because I know she's an artist, and that speaks to the girl in me."

"My main goal is to just let her know how much I love her," she tells People. "Just to let her know that she is so loved. When that's the through line, who cares that my first two pancakes are always burned?"