As a feisty comedian, Kathy Griffin is always armed with barbs and quips, But, the famous redhead can get serious when the occasion calls. And for Griffin, her fierce commitment to family is no joking matter.

According to People, Kathy's sister Joyce Griffin is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer. To show solidarity with her sis, Kathy buzzed off her fiery red hair, revealing a buzz-cut in a photo that writer Yashar Ali shared to Twitter.

The photo of Kathy, smiling with her new hairstyle, is juxtaposed with a snap of Kathy's mother Maggie, who wears an expression of touched surprise.

Later, proud mom Maggie took to Twitter to sing her daughter's praises. "My daughter Kathleen Mary is a wonderful human being," she wrote.

Sadly, this is not the first time cancer has touched the tight-knit Griffin clan. In 2014, Kathy lost her brother Griffin to cancer.

We're sending all the healing vibes to the family, and if you're interested in making a donation to the American Cancer Society you can click here to learn more.