Newly minted Suits star Katherine Heigl commemorated her milestone 40th birthday with an inspiring caption that celebrates her self-confidence. After struggling with a difficult pregnancy last year, her birthday reflection is a powerful statement on growing up and not dwelling on youth — something that Hollywood seems obsessed with.

She posted a photo to Instagram with two big silver balloons, making it clear that 40 is worth celebrating, not dreading.

Katherine Heigl 'Suits' Press Conference
Credit: Vera Anderson/Getty Images

"Well...I am officially 40 years old. I know you’re going [to] think I’m full of it but the truth is...I'm pretty damn thrilled to be 40," she wrote. "40 feels to me like a certain kind of freedom. Freedom from all the self doubt, insecurities, self loathing, uncertainties and anxieties of my 20’s and 30’s. Not to say I don’t still have those moments but I just feel like 40 makes me older and wiser. Steadier in my convictions. More certain of my strengths. More forgiving of my faults."

She continued to say that her 30s were important and a time that she spent exploring, traveling, and understanding the world around her.

"I've clarified my deepest desires and found that all I really crave is well being. For myself and those I love," she continued. She acknowledged the industry's infatuation with numbers and youth — and vowed not to get caught up in that. She sees age as a frame of mind, not just arbitrary numbers that dictate her life.

"I've made up my mind not to let a number determine how I feel about the way I look. Or what my value as a woman in society is. I've decided I will let the number and every one after it determine the strides I make, the enlightenment I seek, the compassion I show, the beauty I radiate from within that grows and expands with life experience," she added.

Hiegl's husband, Josh Kelley, shared a similar photo, but added a snapshot of a Belgian waffle slathered in butter — Heigl's breakfast of choice. However she spends the rest of her birthday, there's no doubt that she started it off right.