She also gave insight into her relationship with Meghan Markle.


It's a known fact that Katharine McPhee and Meghan Markle go way back (like middle school back) but did you know that their husbands are tight too?

Well, apparently they are. In a recent interview with Access, McPhee revealed that her husband David Foster was quite close with the Prince.

“My husband has a really, really beautiful relationship with Harry," she said. "They’re so cute, they’re like father and son,” Katharine shared. “We just stay in touch with them. Meghan and I knew each other from childhood, but really, Harry and my husband are friends, and it’s really nice."

In regard to her relationship with Markle, she explained that it is definitely more low-key. "She went to a school called Immaculate Heart, as did I. She went there for middle school and high school, and I went there just for middle school,” she told them. "I did a couple shows with her and she was always put together and great. I was never really close friends with her,” she explained.

Foster and McPhee live in Los Angeles, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex now reside with their son Archie. When McPhee was asked about this she said, "We just want them to be wherever they feel safest and happiest."

Perhaps geography will make them all close again?