By Isabel Jones
Updated Aug 29, 2018 @ 11:45 am

If you were a pre-teen in 2006, you probably hold up the American Idol season 5 finale as a defining moment of your youth, perhaps the instance in which you realized that sometimes, just sometimes, the underdog really does come out on top. Just me? OK, fine.

On that iconic evening in late May, prematurely gray singer Taylor Hicks was crowned 2006’s American Idol, beating out fan-favorite Katharine McPhee.

Now 34, McPhee — who bears absolutely zero resentment whatsoever regarding the finale upset — has moved on (she's got a hit Broadway play, a network TV show and an engagement under her belt, so we'd say she's doing just fine). Instead of stewing on her loss from over a decade ago, she's spending her time encouraging her fans and followers to vote in the upcoming midterm elections on Tuesday.

To get the word out, she tweeted a photo of Hicks receiving his crowning title alongside good sport McPhee, adding the (not even slightly salty) caption: “voting matters.”

FYI, I vividly recall whipping out my pink Razr and texting my vote for Hicks that week, so some of us did vote for *our* American Idol, Kat.

Anyway, Mr. Hicks wasn’t about to let that sick burn slide on his watch. The Alabama native responded to McPhee’s diss: “You're right, voting DOES matter! But you're a little late to the party, Kat.” He also tweeted out a link to a voter registration video he posted on Facebook five months ago.