By Jennifer Davis
Updated Oct 09, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

Kate Winslet is the most recent actress to speak up and express outrage about the allegations that Harvey Weinsten assaulted scores of women over the last several decades. The actress released a statement on Monday to Variety, in which she harshly condemned his behavior, speaking out against the producer, who was fired from his movie studio, The Weinstein Company, on Sunday.

"The fact that these women are starting to speak out about the gross misconduct of one of our most important and well regarded film producers, is incredibly brave and has been deeply shocking to hear," she said. "The way Harvey Weinstein has treated these vulnerable, talented young women is NOT the way women should ever EVER deem to be acceptable or commonplace in ANY workplace."

“I have no doubt that for these women this time has been, and continues to be extremely traumatic. I fully embrace and salute their profound courage, and I unequivocally support this level of very necessary exposure of someone who has behaved in reprehensible and disgusting ways," she continued. "His behaviour is without question disgraceful and appalling and very, very wrong."

Winslet, who won an Oscar for the Weinstein Company's 2009 film The Reader, acknowledged that she had heard gossip about this type of misconduct occuring but naively thought it was just part of the Hollywood rumor mill. "I had hoped that these kind of stories were just made up rumours, maybe we have all been naïve. And it makes me so angry. There must be ‘no tolerance’ of this degrading, vile treatment of women in ANY workplace anywhere in the world.”

The actress isn't the only high-profile star to speak out against Weinstein. Earlier today, Meryl Streep released a statement expressing her outrage and making it clear she was unaware of his misconduct when she collaborated with him on The Iron Lady and August: Osage County.