"A Little Chaos" New York Premiere
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Titanic fans just had their day made. Kate Winslet appeared on the season premiere of Running Wild with Bear Grylls on Monday and gave those fans a very satisfying moment.

In a scene from the episode, as Winslet scales down a mountain and Grylls tells her to let go of the rope completely. The Academy Award–winning actress lifts up her arms and says the line, uttered by her character Rose in the film, "Jack, I feel like I'm flying!"—complete with American accent and all.

Grylls plays along and asks, "Kate, do you trust me?" to which Winslet replies, "You jump, I jump, right?" But then reality hits her as she reevaluates how she is not actually being secured by Leonardo DiCaprio's loving embrace but is rather dangling off the side of a cliff: "Come on! Get me down this [bleeping] thing!" she says. Well, it was wonderful while it lasted.

It is hard to believe that the original scene is nearly 18 years old—watch it here, and see all of Winslet's Titanic reenactment here:

Winslet as well as Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed Helms, James Marsden, Michelle Rodriguez, and Michael B. Jordan will appear on this season of the show, which airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.