Kate Walsh
Credit: Getty

After Kate Walsh breaks up with a guy, it isn't her ex that she misses; it's the way he smells. That's why the Private Practice star created a fragrance that evokes the scent of a man, minus the man. “Everyone wants to have that boyfriend feeling, whether you have a boyfriend or not,” Walsh, in Ferragamo, told us last night at the launch of her fragrance at Sephora in New York. “It’s obvious [because] there are boyfriend shirts, boyfriend jeans, and it’s like what is that? What do we crave?” For Walsh, it's a scent. Sure, she had tried to actually wear men’s fragrance, but couldn’t seem to find one that was subtle enough for day wear. With her new perfume, it’s just the right mix of masculine and feminine—yes, we sniffed it—with notes like jasmine, amber and vanilla. The fragrance is available now in oil, lotion and perfume for $20 to $95 exclusively at Sephora stores and