Kate Upton for Express
Credit: Courtesy Photo

With her supermodel status at an all time high and fresh off her first movie role opposite Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann in The Other Woman, Kate Upton is a smart choice for the fall 2014 Express ad campaign (Upton is the first celebrity spokesperson the brand has announced in over a decade). "As a fashion brand, Express is all about being cool, confident and effortlessly sexy, and Kate truly embodies that spirit," says Elizabeth Crystal, CMO of Express.

For her bombshell public persona, Kate is incredibly natural and down to earth. Senior market editor /digital correspondent Dana Avidan-Cohn had the chance to catch up with her this morning over breakfast for a quick Q&A to find out everything from her favorite denim style to her work out regimen. Read on for the full interview:

Congrats on the very exciting news announcing you as the new face for the Express ad campaign. How did this come about?When they reached out to me I was so excited because it was such an interesting thing to be a brand ambassador for a company that’s already so iconic and so developed and that I love already.

It seems like such a strong fit, and you were so natural when you were presenting. You mentioned that you and your sisters grew up wearing Express, did that give you an attachment to the brand?I love being a part of brands that are easy and fun. Doing things like this isn’t stressful because it’s easy, I grew up with it, I know about it.

You must still be buzzing from your acting debut in The Other Woman. Your character embodied your bombshell appeal, is there anything from this collection that she would have worn?It’s so funny because being on a film set is totally different than being on a photo shoot. I walk in to a styling room on photo sets and think, "I don’t really like this, I don’t like this." So I did that at the beginning of the film and I was thought, "Oh wait, I’m not picking out clothes for myself, I’m picking out clothes for my character. It doesn’t matter if I like them." Amber definitely has more of a hippy vibe than I have, and I know that there’s little tanks with fringe tops that she would definitely wear along with the cutoff shorts. She would definitely be about the shorts.

Kate Upton for Express
Credit: Courtesy Photo

I know you grew up on a farm, so you must be a denim girl. We hear the new Express denim has an amazing fit, do have a favorite style or wash?I like midrise or high-rise. I didn’t think that I was going to like high-rise, but I do, I love them and that style really elongates your legs ($80;

Instant Style Tip

I love high-rise jeans and the style really elongate your legs. —@KateUpton

How would you style them? What would be a typical outfit for you?You know, I think wearing it with just a T-shirt and good pair of flats or a button down is perfect. You can also dress it up by wearing heels and a blazer.

You travel a ton for work--what do you do to keep your skin looking so beautiful? Do you have a special face wash that you love to use or a beauty product that you always bring on trips?Moisturizer always saves my skin! Bobbi Brown has a hydrating cream that’s really great. Literally you feel your skin just drying out on a plane, and I put it on right after and it makes me look like I’m glowing.

Are there any workouts that you’re into right now? What are you doing to stay fit or feel bikini ready now that it’s summer?I think it’s fun to get your friends involved with working out because you’re learning new things together at the gym and you don’t feel so stale. Your body’s mixing it up and you get faster results by doing that.

What kind of workouts do you do?I like to do a little bit of everything. I love boxing. But I also like band workouts and using your whole body and lightweights.

Watch Kate Upton's campaign video for Express above, and check out the model's best looks in our gallery.