Lottie Moss - Lead 2016
Credit: Venturelli/Getty

Lottie Moss is following in her supermodel big sister's cat-walking footsteps and it's no wonder. With her blonde hair and defined cheekbones, the 18-year-old looks like a dead ringer for half-sister Kate Moss and, apparently, the teen model also takes after big sis in another way with her impressive physique. On Monday, the blonde beauty took to Instagram to share a mirror selfie of herself in a colorful bikini. The photo shows off her sculpted figure and toned abs, which make it crystal-clear that she shares genes with one of the most successful models of all time.

According to Lottie's caption, the young Moss has been trying an updated fitness and nutrition regimen. "Showing that hard work and a good diet pays off. Still got a long way to go but so proud," the British beauty captioned the shot.

At age 42, Kate is still among the world's highest-paid supermodels, but it looks like Lottie is well on her way in keeping up with her in the industry, with her own fashion campaigns, red carpet appearances, and runway shows under her belt.