Kate Moss Just Started Exercising and Eating Salads, and, Honestly, We're Shocked

Kate Moss is one of the most iconic supermodels of all time. She's been envied for her good looks and her waif-like figure, inspired countless trends, and pioneered the cool-without-trying vibe. While many would think that Moss has spent a lot of effort to maintain her je ne sais quoi over the years that's not the case.

In fact, she just started to work out and eat vegetables. Yes, you read that correctly. "When I was young I was so low maintenance I didn’t have to worry. Not what I ate, not about anything really," she told The Guardian in a rare interview. "I never used to really eat salads. And now I’m like, juicing!"

Her newfound health kick has also translated into getting a gym membership—something she's never had before. "I’ve never been a gym bunny or anything like that. I was always, like, ‘UGH’, it made me feel ill, but now I’ve actually started working out, I’m really quite into it," she revealed. "I’m at very early stages, but I’ve joined a gym and all that, and it’s made me feel really good." Endorphins are real, Kate!

In keeping with her low key approach to self-care, Moss also detailed her beauty regime, which is surprisingly simple. "I couldn’t be bothered with loads of products and I’d get them all mixed up and not know what I was doing," Mos said. "I haven’t got the time or the inclination to sit there for ages, putting creams on my face. I need it to be effective and quick."

Does she have any other surprises for us? Nope, only that you won't see her on social media anytime soon. Our loss.

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