Princess Kate's Baby Jewelry
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

When jewelry designer Claudia Bradby collaborated on a new piece with a young assistant accessories buyer for mid-market chain Jigsaw, she could hardly have dreamed that pendant they devised would sell all over the world after the buyer, Kate Middleton, became engaged to Prince William in 2010. Bradby later attended the royal wedding, along with her husband, who was the first journalist to interview the couple after the event. (The pendant, which features a silver bean with pink accent pearl, is still available in Bradby’s collection.)

Now the jewelry designer has created four new pieces to mark the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new baby daughter. The Crown & Acorn necklace ($117; features a silver oval disc hand-stamped with an acorn—a nod to the Middleton coat of arms, which has three acorns—surmounted by a crown.

Kate Bradby necklace
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Like the original pendant, it's accompanied by a small accent pearl that comes in pink or blue—the idea being that the birth of the wearer's own princes and princesses can all be commemorated by adding a new pearl. The silver disk with the crown and acorn motif turns up again as a silver charm dangling from a simple silver bangle ($145; The charm is also sold separately ($53;

Finally, for the true Kate enthusiast, there is the Royal Baby Charm Bracelet ($270;, which commemorates all major royal occasions since William and Kate’s wedding.

Claudia Bradby charm bracelet
Credit: Courtesy Claudia Bradby

On the silver link bracelet, the Crown & Acorn charm joins charms of the Kate-designed silver bean and pearl pendant, a silver disk engraved with the Queen’s profile (part of another collection Bradby designed to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne), another acorn that incorporates a pearl, and a silver crown.

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