Kate Middleton
Credit: Flynet

In the guessing game of Who Will Design Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress?, we've heard predictions of Alice Temperley, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen, Bruce Odefield, and more. Now, a new name has emerged—Sophie Cranston of Libélula, the Huffington Post reports. So, who Miss Cranston? She's 34 and a rising star. She won the coveted Designer of the Year Award at London's Graduate Fashion Week in 1999, and went on to work at Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley before starting her own label Libélula (which means dragonfly in Spanish) in 2002. Middleton also wore a Libélula design to a friend's wedding earlier this year (shown). We'll know for sure whether it is Cranston or not when the Princess-in-waiting steps out of the royal limousine for her Westminster Abbey wedding on April 29th. Until then, let the guessing game go on. Who do you think the designer is?