Who hasn't been there?

Kate Middleton nearly tripped and fell during a recent royal outing, but she was all smiles about it!

On Tuesday, the Duchess of Cambridge joined husband Prince William at the Troubadour White City Theater in London to meet up with volunteers for their crisis service Shout.

However, near the end of it all, as Kate was leaving the event with William and getting into her car, she nearly took a royal tumble. And with as many camera shutters going off at once as they do when anyone from the royal family is involved, it could have been a disaster. Luckily, Kate was able to handle the near-faux pas with grace.

In a clip from the Daily Mail, she's seen stumbling over the steps outside the theater after having a conversation before getting into the car. She exchanged a quick glance with William, who instinctively reached out for her in an instant to make sure she was okay. She then stepped into the car with a big grin on her face before the two departed the event. It was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but an entirely relatable one, for sure.

Earlier that day, Kate and William also shared a sweet (and decidedly rare) moment of PDA, with William touching Kate's back. These moments came courtesy of the Daily Mail as well, and they gave us a glimpse of the more intimate side of the couple's relationship, something we don't see a lot of.

The Shout celebration was an event intended to celebrate the volunteers who bring Kate and William's 24/7 crisis texting service to life. The platform is meant to help individuals cope with difficult mental health topics such as depression, self-harm, and anxiety. Over 1,500 Crisis Volunteers are currently enrolled to help bring the service to life.

While we're glad to see we may have more in common with royalty than we may previously have thought, we're just glad Kate's okay.