The farm had just 10 days to prepare and keep her entire visit secret. 


Kate Middleton headed down to the farm for a surprise solo trip on Wednesday (February 12).

The Duchess headed to Northern Island for a previously-unannounced outing in a bid to chat with the locals in support of her initiative to bring attention to early childhood development.

During her excursion, Kate was clad in a low-key light brown field jacket, worn with black leggings tucked into knee-high brown boots, perfect for trudging through any type of terrain. She wore a warm turtleneck sweater beneath the jacket, paired with golden leaf earrings peeking out from behind her hair, done up in shining chestnut waves.

Kate Middleton
Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Cozy in her chic outfit, Kate toured Newtownards via the owners of the Ark Open Farm as she spoke with local parents and grandparents about the challenges that come with raising children. She used the opportunity to further her now-familiar "5 Big Questions on the Under Fives," which she kicked off earlier in February, in between meeting with a few of the animals at the Ark.

Kate surveys respondents about the health and happiness of children in the area, nature vs. nurture, and a swath of other topics. The survey is set to conclude on February 21.

According to the Ark's owner Stewart Donaldson, the staff only had 10 days' notice that the location would need to keep Kate's visit under wraps.

"It’s our 30th anniversary. We’re all very excited. It was quite a job keeping her visit secret," he told the Belfast Telegraph.