Kate Middleton Is Borrowing the Queen's Jewelry Again

Why else marry into the royal family if not for access to the Crown Jewels?

We kid. Kind of.

I mean, if there's any palace perk to get excited about, we can confidently say that access to rare, precious jewels is one of them – and we fully respect Kate Middleton for doing as the people would, and taking full advantage of her royal status to get her mitts on some pretty pearls.

On Sunday, the Duchess of Cambridge headed to the Crathie Church in Scotland alongside Queen Elizabeth, wearing a rather unseasonable tweed jacket by Catherine Walker and a black hat. But it was her jewels — the Bahrain Pearl Drop Earrings, which belong to the queen — that stole the show.

Kate Middleton
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As People first pointed out, this isn't the first time Kate has rocked the earrings. (She's been a royal for 7 years now — we would be gravely disappointed in her as a person if she was just now taking advantage of the queen's apparently open jewelry box.) She also sported the sparklers on Remembrance Day back in 2016.

The Royal Family Lay Wreaths At The Cenotaph On Remembrance Sunday
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A little history of the earrings: The queen was gifted the drop earrings as wedding gift way back in 1947 by the ruler of Bahrain. She's worn them a few times over the years, most recently at Remembrance Day in 2015, but as was revealed in the documentary, The Coronation, Queen Elizabeth isn't exactly a jewelry gal. "The queen is entirely disinterested in jewelry," according to Alastair Bruce.

More for Kate, though, am I right? You'll recall perhaps the most famous piece she borrowed from the queen, the Cartier "Halo" tiara from her wedding day back in 2011.

Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding embed
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Per People, Kate has also borrowed a second pair of pearl earrings (which she wore while visiting the famous painting, "Girl With a Pearl Earring," because why not), her wedding bracelet, the Lotus Flower tiara and her diamond-encrusted maple leaf brooch.

Meanwhile, Meghan, too, is taking advantage of the royal jewelry collection. The Duchess of Sussex borrowed the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau tiara for her wedding day. But for their first royal outing together, the queen actually gifted Meghan a pair of earrings. We're not going to read into anything there ...

The bottom line? For as many drawbacks as there are with royal life (for example, posing for photographers mere hours after giving birth), the perks may make everything worth it in the end.

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