Why Kate Middleton Is Missing from Queen Elizabeth's Documentary — but Meghan Isn't

The ever amicable Queen Elizabeth hasn't picked a favorite when it comes to her granddaughter-in-laws. At least, not publicly. Sure, she's buddied up to Meghan Markle (we see that matching jewelry), but she and Kate Middleton also have a connection.

Her grandmotherly instinct was called into question by some of her royal fans earlier this week, though, when they took an extra close look at the new trailer for her documentary. Queen of the World will spotlight Queen Elizabeth like never before, but the short 35 second preview also featured a delighted-looking Markle reacting to her wedding dress for the first time.

It's cool and all, don't get us wrong, but while Meghan got a featured part, Kate was nowhere to be found. What's up with that?

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton lead
Danny Martindale

“Kate was largely out of action during the main filming,” an insider told People. “CHOGM[the British meeting of heads of government from the 53 Commonwealth nations] was a focal point and she was due to give birth any minute then.”

In case you forgot among all the royal hullabaloo this year (we're already on our third royal wedding), Prince Louis was born in April, meaning Middleton was out of royal commission for awhile. In fact, she still is, and she'll be out on official maternity leave until October at the earliest.

Even so, she wasn't about to skip this family event entirely. “There is film of events and receptions which she attended, so you do see her,” the insider said.

She may not be in the forefront as we'd hoped, but hey, it's better than nothing.

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