The royals were greeted with touching gifts during their third royal tour stop.


Kate Middleton and Prince William began the third day of their royal tour in Pakistan in much the same way as Princess Diana.

The pair landed in Chitral, Pakistan as part of their outing to witness the effects of global warming and climate change on the country's northernmost region. Their final destination: the Hindu Khush, a 500-mile long mountain range that stretches throughout the Afghanistan border.

When the pair arrived, they were presented with traditional Chitrali hats and other gifts by the locals to wear with their chosen outfits for the day.

Kate Middleton
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But the hats were far more than just gifts: they were nearly identical to the cap Princess Diana wore when she first visited Chitral on her first solo Pakistan trip in 1991.

Princess Diana
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In addition to their headgear, Prince William was offered an ornate, embroidered coat and Kate a warm, eye-catching shawl. Kate was clad in a smart leather vest with a brown button-down shirt tucked into a belted skirt, while William wore a similar pale green button-down shirt with khaki pants. The pair wore their new gifts proudly as they made their way to the Chiatibo Glacier in Broghil National Park.

Kate Middleton
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In commemoration of the Duke and Duchess's visit to Chitrali, they were also presented with a very important piece of history, according to The Sun's royal correspondent, Emily Andrews.

"William & Kate were given a book of photos of Princess Diana’s visit here in 1991," Andrews explained live from the scene via Twitter.

It was a poignant visit for Prince William indeed, who had just visited the very same school his mother Princess Diana had in the '90s before him on Tuesday (Oct. 15). Kate and Prince William made time to head out to the Islamabad Model College for Girls, where the children ensured William knew they were "big fans" of his mother.

During that outing, Kate was spotted in attire that was meant as a respectful tribute to Pakistan: an emerald green Catherine Walker tunic, cream slacks by Pakistani designer Maheen Khan, and earrings by Pakistani jewelry creator Zeen.

As Kate and William make their way through the country for the next few stops on their royal tour, we're undoubtedly going to see additional heartfelt tributes both to Pakistan itself and Princess Diana. What's next on the agenda for the royals? We can't wait to find out.