Here's Why You Won't Be Seeing Any More Heirs From Kate Middleton and Prince William

"I don't think William wants any more." 

If you've been patiently waiting for Kate Middleton and Prince William to make another birth announcement any time soon, you might not want to get your hopes up.

During a recent fan encounter following Kate and Prince William's trip to Bradford, Kate opened up about the duke's thoughts on becoming a father of four. She dropped a surprising truth while speaking with 25-year-old Josh Macplace, who excitedly discussed the cards he had sent Kate and William congratulating the for the birth of each child.

"I don't think William wants any more," she told Macplace, according to the Daily Mail's Rebecca English. Macplace offered her a hug following their exchange, which Kate thanked him for. She apparently didn't elaborate further on her admission.

If this is indeed the case, since it came straight from the duchess's mouth, it makes sense. Previously, Kate admitted during a 2017 visit to the Hornsey Road Children's Centre that, at first, Prince William struggled with becoming a father.

"She was saying William was sort of similar and I just wanted to let her know how Family Action have been there for me and I think they need more support," a single father named Billy told reporters at the time. But despite William's apparent difficulties originally acclimating to becoming a father, it looks like he's become a natural since.

It isn't clear whether or not this is something William and Kate have discussed extensively, but it's important to keep in mind the do already have three children: Prince Louis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The pair will have their hands full for the foreseeable future.

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