Pregnant Kate Middleton Kicks Off Children's Mental Health Week with Rare Video

Kate Middleton is advocating for a cause close to her heart with a powerful PSA.

In a video released on Sunday, before the start of Children’s Mental Health Week 2018 in England, the pregnant royal, dressed in a blue floral frock, encourages kids to be the “best versions of themselves” as part of her work for charity Place2Be.

“Childhood is the time when we explore our personalities, discover the potential that lies within us and learn how to be ourselves,” she says during the clip, urging youth to talk openly about their feelings. “Our experience of the world at this early stage helps to shape who we become as adults, how we begin to feel comfortable in our own skin.”

The soon-to-be mom of three continues: “Some children will be facing tougher challenges than others, but I firmly believe that while we cannot change their circumstances, we can ensure that every child is given the best possible support to ensure they fulfill their true potential. This is best achieved when we, the adults in their lives, work together to give children the emotional strength they need to face their futures and thrive.”

She concludes the impassioned video, which was filmed last month during her visit to the Reach Academy Feltham in London, on a hopeful note. “When we are open and honest with each other about the challenges we face, we can work together to ensure the children in our care have the chance to become the best version of themselves.”

The video is just the beginning of the Duchess of Cambridge’s work with the charity this week. The organization's main mission is to raise young people’s self esteem to help them deal with life’s challenges, and in a statement released by the nonprofit, chief executive Catherine Roche said: “This Children’s Mental Health Week we are encouraging everyone, and especially children and young people, to focus on what makes them who they are, and to celebrate their unique qualities and strengths.”

Keep up the good work, Kate!

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