The duchess surprised a pair of new parents via video chat.


Despite leaving London and quitting her role as a senior royal, Meghan Markle and her namesake effect appear to still have quite the impact. Just ask Kate Middleton, who recently took a page out of her sister-in-law's beauty playbook with her latest Zoom hairstyle.

While most of the world is on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the duchess is still tending to her royal duties at home, and video-chatted a couple who welcomed their son the night before the surprise call.

For the discussion — which brought awareness to the challenges pregnant women and new mothers are facing amid the COVID-19 crisis — Kate pulled back her signature blowout into a half up, half down style that looked strikingly similar to the one Meghan wore days earlier.

The only difference? Meghan seemingly parted her hair down the middle before styling it, while Kate brushed her's back for extra volume and wave. Whether Meghan was her inspiration or not, the hairstyle served as an easy, no-fuss complement to the laid-back appearance of her blue and white chevron-striped sweater.

During her call, Kate congratulated new parents, Rebecca and John, on the arrival of their baby boy, Max. "Very nice to meet you. This is definitely a first I think," she said. "Firstly, huge congratulations. He's so sweet."

Elsewhere in the video, Kate checked in with representatives from the maternal healthcare sector in a virtual roundtable discussion about key concerns expectant mothers are having before giving birth in the age of coronavirus. Praising them for their efforts, she said: "As organizations you’re playing such a vital role giving key information. You’re hugely trusted by the public and therefore the information you provide is a lifeline to a lot of people.”

Kate's conservation comes ahead of the U.K.'s Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week on May 4.