The rumor mill is working overtime this week, and it's spitting out stories that are the opposite of holiday cheer. According to multiple Daily Mail sources, things may not be as rosy in Kensington Palace as they look, and the fab four of Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle might have tension between them. Say it ain't so!

The outlet reports that while Kate and Meghan have not exactly had a falling out (thank goodness), life is not picture-perfect either. A source said Markle is "quite opinionated and Harry has got very dictatorial of late, which hasn't made things easy at times."

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle lead
Credit: Clive Mason

Thankfully, nobody really seems phased.

"While there are some tensions behind the scenes, Kate is pretty unflappable and nothing has become bad enough to make Harry and Meghan want to move out," the source added. "People are genuinely pleased to see them so happy."

So, in short, there's no feud per se, but Harry and Meghan's upcoming move to Frogmore Cottage away from Will and Kate is coming at an opportune time. Especially since a source said Markle is "an acquired taste" that isn't necessarily Middleton's cup of tea.

Maybe a little space will do them some good after all.