By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Aug 09, 2018 @ 5:45 pm

When Kate Middleton goes on maternity leave, she does it her own way. While the Duchess of Cambridge should technically be out of the limelight until October, we have seen glimpses of her throughout the last few months, much to our delight.

Even so, the way she's been fluttering in and out of public life lately is somewhat unusual — especially since she's going about her maternity leave a little differently this time. Middleton's leave with Prince Louis is different than her leaves with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in a few notable ways.

Kate Middleton maternity leave lead

The first and most noticeable difference is that fans saw her very soon after she and Louis left the hospital. For all three of her kids, Middleton stepped out, put together and smiling, hours after delivering them (seriously, how?), but with Prince Louis, it was less than a month until we saw her again post-hospital photo shoot.

Because her brother-in-law Prince Harry was getting married to Meghan Markle, Middleton stepped back into the spotlight sooner than she did with George and Charlotte. She stood alongside her daughter Princess Charlotte and a thousand photographers a few weeks after giving birth without seeming to sweat it.

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With Prince George, it was six weeks after he was born before we saw Middleton again, and with Princess Charlotte, it was two entire months.

The second difference is that this maternity leave is actually longer than her others. Town & Country reports that she extended it through fall 2018 in order to spend time with all three of her kids, not just Louis.

In the past, there have been murmurs that Middleton thought she returned to work too quickly after having Prince George and Princess Charlotte, so it would make sense for her to take her sweet time with Louis. The Independent even confirmed it, saying Middleton wanted more kid time, less camera time.

Can't say we blame her there.