The end of another year brings with it another annual retrospective on royal visits — and there were thousands of them (yes, really). The U.K. newspaper The Times has counted every single public royal visit for almost four decades now, compiling the data into a list that makes it clear which royal can call themselves King or Queen of Productivity.

And, unfortunately for Kate Middleton, she's at the very bottom this year. The Duchess of Cambridge held the fewest number of public engagements in 2018 with a mere 87 (which is still a truly absurd amount of events to add to a social calendar, can you even imagine being that busy? Hard pass).

Kate Middleton lead
Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo

It's difficult to chastise her for not walking the walk as a royal, though, considering a large chunk of her year was dedicated to maternity leave after she welcomed Prince Louis. She wasn't exactly being a couch potato.

But who was working the hardest? Not Queen Elizabeth. Her daughter Princess Anne was the hardest working royal of 2018, with 447 domestic appearances and 71 overseas outings. Her total is more than William (220), Harry (193), and Kate's individual events combined. The queen herself has discontinued overseas visits now that she's 92, but she still attended 283 U.K. events, and did not take one day off from work aside from Christmas Day and Easter. Impressive.

The newest royal of them all, Meghan Markle, didn't do too shabby, considering she wasn't officially a royal until May. In 2018, Markle took on 45 domestic engagements and 51 abroad, mostly during her trip to Australia with Harry.

Now that Middleton's off of maternity leave and Markle has the whole year to rack up royal visits, it's anyone's game in 2019. The more royal events, the merrier.