The royal family has plenty of Christmas traditions, but none is more delightful than their annual gag gift exchange. According to The Mirror, the family opens their gifts at precisely 6 p.m. every Christmas Eve at the queen’s estate in Sandringham. And sometimes, the gag gifts can be savage.

Enter: Kate Middleton. Once upon a time — a pre-Meghan Markle time — the Duchess of Cambridge gifted her brother-in-law Prince Harry a Grow Your Own Girlfriend kit for Christmas. The SHADE.

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Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

We’re sure the Duchess of Cambridge’s jokey gift garnered quite a few laughs from the royal family, and even jokester Prince Harry himself, as the two are rather close.

Apparently, the royals take their gag gift exchange pretty seriously. Per The Mirror’s report, the family prepares in advance of the evening festivities, sneaking down to “secretly place” their gifts in the red drawing room during the afternoon. When it’s finally time to open gifts, Prince Philip orchestrates the entire process, giving permission for each member to unwrap their present.

In addition to Kate’s gift — the true winner, if you ask us — the royal family has had quite a few hilarious presents over the years. There was the time Prince Harry gave the queen a “Ain’t life a bitch” bath hat, and Princess Anne once gave Prince Charles a white leather toilet seat that “he now takes on overseas tours,” according to The Mirror. The Duchess of Sussex joined in on the fun last year for her very first Christmas with the royals, and reportedly bought the queen a singing toy hamster, per The Daily Star Online.

Now, that’s she’s a full-fledged member of the royal family, we wonder what ridiculous present the expectant royal will be gifting this year. If she wants to top Kate, she's got her work cut out for her.