Pregnant Kate Middleton Continues Her Style Risk Win Streak—This Time with a Cape

They say great minds think alike, and that seems to apply to celebrity fashion choices. Case in point: Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie.

While the two don't seem to run in the same circle, they do have a favorite fashion feature when it comes to dressing for A-list events, and Middleton demonstrated this firsthand when she stepped out in an Alexander McQueen gown on Thursday night.

Like Jolie's recent Parisian look, Middleton's gown featured a striking cape design. Capes are slowly taking over Hollywood and royalty alike, and they've been spotted on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Jennifer Garner too.

Kate Middleton, Prince William
Chris Jackson/Pool/Getty Images

Jolie isn't the only one twinning with Middleton, though.

On Thursday night, she and her soon-to-be sister-in-law Meghan Markle both matched in a way that isn't visible at first glance. Middleton attended a dinner at the royal palace in Oslo, Norway, with Prince William while on an official visit to Norway, while Markle joined Prince Harry at the Endeavour Fund Awards in London for their first black-tie event since getting engaged.

While they wined and dined and in different countries, Middleton and Markle stayed connected by choosing the same designer for their respective occasions: Alexander McQueen.

Middleton's goddess-like blush gown was angelic, ethereal, and almost the complete opposite of Markle's look, despite the identical label.

Markle's sleek pantsuit was rule bending, modern, and tailored to a tee, unlike Middleton's. Despite being such opposite outfits, they strangely seem to compliment each other well.

Choosing McQueen for the evening isn't entirely out of character, considering the fashion house is a favorite of Middleton's. Middleton's own wedding dress was an Alexander McQueen design.

Markle has chosen a wedding designer already (though we don't know who), but if these two are as stylishly in sync as they seem to be, maybe we'll see another McQueen dress walk down a royal aisle soon enough.

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