Kate Middleton Finally Debuted the Year's Most Popular Haircut

The longer we get to know Kate Middleton, the shorter her hair gets. While the Duchess of Cambridge’s bouncy, shiny, nearly magical blowouts have stayed the same, the length of her hair has been ever-changing over the past few years, as she's subtly chopped off a few inches here or there. The last we checked, Middleton had what we’d call an "official royal lob," but it seems like she might be ready to road-test another much shorter length—a bob.

Kate Middleton
Samir Hussein/WireImage

When we caught sight of her at the Remembrance Sunday Service, a ceremony honoring and remembering veterans who served and died for Britain, we were convinced Middleton had cut off at least two or three more inches from her hair. The bob is what some would consider 2017’s most popular haircut, so in terms of trends, it wouldn’t be all that surprising. But then we quickly realized that she pulled a Blake Lively and faked the look completely.

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If you look closely, you can see that her hair is pinned up and under, creating a vintage bob-like effect. This isn’t nearly the first time we’ve been fooled by a faux bob or lob. As we mentioned above, Blake Lively’s hairstylist Rod Ortega created the most convincing lob of all time by pinning her hair into a braided structure he nicknamed a “pin cushion” at the nape of her neck.

While we’re not sure what step-by-step Middleton’s hairstylist followed, one thing is for sure. If she did want to make it a permanent change, she could easily pull off the trendy cut.

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