Kate Middleton just gave you another reason to love her. According to a new report, the Duchess of Cambridge anonymously donated several inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for children fighting cancer.

The donation came last year, when Middleton chopped her covetable long locks into a chic lob. She reportedly sent in the hair under a different name, so the charity had no idea it came from the Duchess of Cambridge until now.

Kate Middleton Donates Hair
Credit: Getty Images

“We are so very grateful to every single person who kindly supports the charity in this way. As the Duchess of Cambridge is so much in the public eye, we hope the message that the charity can help children and young people with hair loss will reach everyone who might need our assistance.”

Kate Middleton Long Hair
Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

“Receiving a free, real hair wig has a very positive impact on a child or young adult at such a difficult time. We hope that this donation will encourage others to consider supporting the charity in the same way,” charity manager Monica Glass said in a statement.

One lucky little child is wearing a wig made of the royal’s hair, though it won’t be all Middleton’s. “The wig manufacturers are the skilled specialists who blend the hair donations together, as it can take between 7-10 individual donations to make a single wig,” the Little Princess Trust explains.

Middleton continues to delight us with her quiet acts of generosity.