Watch Kate McKinnon Hilariously Teach Kids About Finances

You're never too young learn about money. In fact, the earlier you teach your kids about spending habits the better. According to Beth Kobliner, author of Make Your Kids a Money Genius (Even If You Are Not) ($12; and Get A Financial Life ($11;, money habits are set by age seven, so by educating your kids about the basics you're setting up them up for a successful financial future.

If you're unsure where to start, don't fret. Kate McKinnon is here to help you figure out how to approach the topic, and as you might expect she brings the laughs while doing it. In honor of April being financial literacy month, the Saturday Night Live star teamed up with Kobliner and three adorable kids to produce a video all about money.

To start their roundtable discussion, McKinnon asks the kids what they know about money and from there she starts teaching them about how loans work and the importance of delayed gratification. Of course, the kids deliver some pretty priceless responses to her questions and their reactions to her real-life teaching scenarios are sure to make you laugh.

Despite the video being aimed at how to teach kids about finances, it's pretty informative for adults, too. Watch the full video above.

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