Here's the Hilarious Way Kate Hudson Keeps Her Kids from Eating Too Much Halloween Candy

Though Kate Hudson has a ton of candy for trick-or-treaters, you should definitely proceed with caution when trying to snag some.

On Sunday, the actress revealed the hilarious way she's keeping her kids from overindulging on Halloween candy. In the short Instagram video, a group of unsuspecting children are just about to stick their hands into a delicious dish of Reese's and lollipops that are ripe for the taking on a festive scarecrow's lap. But they get a very shocking surprise as the scarecrow suddenly it lifts up its head and lets out a frightening laugh. Naturally, hilarity ensues.

"Figured out how to keep the kids from eating too much Halloween candy," Hudson captioned the amusing video. Though we suspect the kids were scared out of their wits! Watch it here:

She kept the Halloween vibes going by carving pumpkins: an effort to keep her World Series anxiety at bay.

She inscribed a photo of her pumpkin carving perfection with, "Couldn't take the World Series anxiety last night so decided to carve some pumpkins #AmazingWorldSeries."

We wish we were celebrating Halloween at Hudson's this year!

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