By Faith Cummings
Sep 25, 2017 @ 8:15 am

Kate Hudson and son Ryder have officially reached peak twinning.

Since the actress shaved her head in late July for her role in Sia's Sister, Hudson and the teen have shared the same haircut, but the 38-year-old made it clear that Ryder is the buzz cut OG. "I copied Ryder," Hudson divulged in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "Ryder had it way before, Ryder's been buzzing his head for a long time. Ryder's like, 'Mom, you're cramping my style.'"

Though he's not crazy about his mom copying his hairstyle, her shaved head made him realize just how much the two look alike. "He was like, 'Oh my God, we actually …' It was the first time he even could see that we looked, you know, that he looked like his mommy," the Fool's Gold actress stated. 

We're totally digging the buzz cut on Hudson, but the cropped 'do may not last much longer, and neither will Ryder's. "Now it's starting to grow out, and Ryder's growing his out," she confirmed.

More twinning moments from the mother-son duo? We'll take it!