By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Oct 19, 2017 @ 8:45 pm

Kate Hudson seems in her element working on the set of her upcoming movie Sister with singer Sia, but at one point, she had musical aspirations of her own.

“I thought music would be my route, the pop world, but I got into musicals at school and ... that was it," she told Net-a-Porter's digital magazine in their latest issue. Thankfully, that didn't deter her. Ever determined, Hudson went into acting instead, and we all know how that went for her. It turns out, though, that her drive was pretty visible even when she was a kid growing up in her famous parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's house.

“I was a very focused little girl. I didn’t rebel from my parents because I wanted validation from them,” she said. “I never came home with a piercing or a tattoo; I was always the designated driver. I got a bit boy-crazy in high school, but I didn’t party, so I was never the coolest person in class. At the weekends, I wasn’t chilling with friends; I had s*** to do! I still do—I can’t not be busy.”

While admittedly "a bit boy-crazy," Hudson's description sounds just that: focused. When she tried to branch out of the shadow of her star actress mom Goldie Hawn, she was met with understanding.

Kate Hudson Goldie Hawn
Credit: Kevin Mazur/amfAR/Getty Images

"She never fought it—her expectations of me were never about her," Hudson said.

Sounds pretty admirable to us.