By Meredith Lepore
Updated Apr 27, 2016 @ 9:30 am
Kate Hudson - Jimmy Kimmel
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

Oh, parents. They really don't understand modern technology and it can be so entertaining. And Kate Hudson's famous parents—Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell—are no exception.

The star of the new film Mother's Day was talking about her parents/ social media habits Tuesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when the host asked about her mother joining Instagram. "I think my mom's Instagram posts are crazy in the best way," said Hudson. Kimmel shared one of Hawn's videos in which she's sitting on a rock drinking water and then spitting it out saying, "I couldn't swallow it fast enough." Then she shouts "Cheyenne!" and that is the whole video (below).

"Your mother makes movies!" said a perplexed Kimmel. "Yeah, that's mom," said Hudson. Hudson said she has even thought about telling Instagram founder Kevin Systrom to monitor Hawn's posts. "There's too many green juices. I'm like pressing abusive content," she said laughing.

As for Russell, though he is very against Instagram and Snapchat, he is into texting, Hudson revealed. "He really loves to text, like really loves to text. Maybe in like 20 years, he'll get to Snapchat," she said. "He's a great emoji user and he loves bitmojis. He even has a Snake Plissken [his character from his films Escape from New York and Escape from L.A.] emoji. There's one with the eye patch. That's his favorite cause he's Plissken, or he was. He's very prolific with his emojis, which is surprising because you would think, like, Kurt Russell would be like, you know. But he loves an emoji! He'll emote through emojis!"

Kimmel said he still couldn't imagine Russell going through and picking out an emoji. "Oh yeah, well it takes an hour!" Hudson said. "It takes an entire hour." She says he'll be on a group text with everybody from the film The Hateful Eight and she'll think it's this long conversation and he is just working on one text. "I'm like 'You've been working on one text.... for an hour?" And then when she sees what he has been working so hard on it is just a bunch of tongue faces and then the mountain emoji to describe that he is in Aspen. "I think you just described everyone's dad," said Kimmel.

Watch Hudson talk about her parents' technology habits in the clip below.