"Marriage is definitely not a golden ticket."


Kate Hudson and her boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa, welcomed their first child — a daughter, Rani Rose — together back in October 2018. Now, nearly a year later, it appears like the natural next step in their relationship would be to get married, but the actress isn't so sure.

In a new interview with The Telegraph, Hudson explains to the magazine that she and Danny will "probably" tie the knot, however, she understands its not the be-all end-all in a romance. "Probably, I think so. We think about that a lot," she says of the possibility of getting married for a second time.

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"Marriage is definitely not a golden ticket – it’s not going to solve any challenges in a relationship. But as someone who’s lived through... well, trial and error, I think that the symbolism of marriage, that commitment, is more important to kids than we sometimes think."

Whether they wed or not, Kate confirmed she certainly will be committed co-parenting, admitting that she still has love for her children's fathers and former partners Chris Robinson and Matt Belamy. "It’s all about my kids," she explains. "Which means I have to love their fathers, no matter what. And so I put my ego aside, I put aside any challenges that didn’t allow those relationships to last, and I love them – it doesn’t mean I have to be with them."

She adds: "And I think my kids feel that we’re all on the same page. I don’t know how I’ve pulled that off!"

As for Kate and Danny's future, we're betting they make it for the long-haul based on their adorable family photos alone.