By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Aug 24, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

Kate Hudson and Maddie Ziegler seem to be pretty good pals in real life, but we're getting the idea that this won't translate on screen.

Hudson and Ziegler are teaming up for Sia's upcoming movie Sister, but the pics of them on set are anything but friendly. The duo started filming the movie in July, but on Tuesday, a new picture emerged that was a little concerning, to say the least.


Standing in front of a park bench, Hudson was shown grabbing Ziegler's arm as the teen appeared to cry out. The heated confrontation is a stark contrast to Hudson and Ziegler's normally sunny personas, but we guess this just shows what talented actresses they are.

Ziegler wore an all-white set of sweats with a bright pink fanny pack (which is making a huge comeback, who knew?) Hudson, on the other hand, matched her new hairdo with a red skater skirt and a graphic tee that said, "I'm not old, I'm a recycled teenager!"

This movie can't come soon enough.