Fitness queen Kate Hudson definitely got her cardio in during The Late Late Show this week.

On Tuesday night's episode, the Fabletics founder tried out an intensive new workout regimen: Toddlerography.

Hudson participated in a sweat-inducing '90s dance routine for the hilarious skit, in which she and host James Corden learned that their fitness class's tiny instructors weren't about to take it easy on them.

"I know you think you're in shape but these instructors are going to beat you down," Corden warned the star as they warmed up.

While Hudson, who stretched by the bar, assured the British comedian that "she was fine." But he elaborated: "These instructors are a nightmare. They made Dwayne Johnson cry. The Rock. They made The Rock cry."

All warnings aside, the 37-year-old full applied herself to the silly albeit totally heart-pumping dance moves as she leaped around the room in a white ab-flaunting crop-top, multi-colored patterned leggings, black kicks, and a fuchsia headband. Corden got his workout on in a dark gray hoodie, khaki shorts, and red, white, and blue knee socks and headband.

The dance routine, which was set to Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn," featured a warm-up, cardio session, and a cool down complete with juice boxes and the opportunity to take a nap.

Witness the hilarity ensue as Corden and Hudson attempt to keep up with their toddler instructors in the video at top.