By Kelsey Glein
Updated Oct 23, 2015 @ 11:30 am
Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage

Kate Hudson takes Halloween very seriously, and her latest Instagram snap proves that once again. The star shared an amazing photo from a Game of Thrones-themed bash she threw in 2013, which she captioned: "#tbt to the year we had a Game Of Thrones themed Halloween Party :) Its almost time again #Wildlings #LoveHalloween #GoFaux."

It comes as no surprise that the actress goes all out for the holiday—her brother Oliver Hudson recently revealed that Halloween is their most beloved family holiday.

“Halloween is a family favorite. My sister and I have a party—usually every year—that I don’t pay for. I make my sister pay for it. But it’s always the epic party, and everyone goes all, all out. I can’t wait for Halloween,” Oliver told InStyle. “[Kate] usually does a theme, and sometimes we play within the theme. And sometimes I go outside of it. It just sort of varies. But if I have an idea, I will pursue that idea—aside from the theme. She’s a hot little number, and she’s going to do things that are going to make her and her friends look as sexy as can be. So it’s always like airline stewardesses, or there was a Game of Thrones theme where they were all like Khaleesi.”

We can't wait to see what Kate Hudson dreams up this year.