By Laura Rose
Updated Mar 05, 2017 @ 1:30 pm

If you're a follower of Kate Hudson's Snapchat, then you've already witnessed her hilarious and amazing face mask selfies. For the uninitiated, Hudson is known for documenting her various skin concealing treatments via Snapchat video and the results are often equal parts terrifying and hysterical. So far they've ranged from futuristic looking under eye patches to an EDM- festival worthy LED face mask.

katehudson / Snapchat

With her most recent Snapstory Hudson has thrown a new doozie into the mix. Her new Hannibal Lecter-esque mask is actually just a dry sheet mask, and if you've tried the beauty trend you know how rigid those things can be! Hudson tries in desperation to enjoy a snack of chips and salsa while masking but is continually thwarted. As she masked and got her hair done—talk about multitasking—she attempted to take a bite of her chip, but could only get a tiny bit. "It's like a diet mask," she joked.

katehudson / Snapchat

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She has been busy on social media, indeed. Earlier, the blonde beauty posted a video to Instagram tapping her toes to Lorde's music video for "Green Light".

She captioned the video, "Um...I cannot stop listening to this! Miss LORDE has just green lit (pun intended) the songs of summer in March! What a song. If you'll excuse me now, I have an SUV to go dance on top of #obsessed #greenlight #Lorde @lordemusic"