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There’s no doubt that Kate Hudson and her (super sexy) brother, Oliver Hudson, won the genetic lottery. But in addition to their good looks and love for Mom (actress Goldie Hawn), they share yet another commonality: their obsession with fitness, which is the inspiration behind their new FL2 men’s line for Fabletics. The Hudson siblings sat down with InStyle's senior news editor, Kim Peiffer, to divulge how they stay in shape together (and how they fall off the fitness wagon)—as well as everlasting family traditions. Plus, Kate shares her favorite "workout" of all.

Your Fabletics clothing line is so amazing. What was your inspiration for expanding into men's line?

Kate Hudson: Well first of all, I love men. I have three brothers. So I’m always shopping for men. So, if I’m ever doing anything, there’s going to be a men’s component to it. When I was doing it, obviously, my go-to is [Oliver] for this, so we just started talking about it and then I was like, "You know, come on board and let’s do this together. It’ll be fun—and here we are.'"

Oliver Hudson: Honestly, I got to see the clothes and just loved the clothes. That’s where it started with me. Kate asked me to come and be a part of this, and I didn’t honestly know what it would entail. I went in there and it was amazing. The place was amazing. The clothes were amazing, and I said, "Yeah!" This is what I live in, and I can actually talk about this without sounding like an idiot because these are my uniforms for the day. I drop my kids off at school and then I’ll work out, and then I live my life in a very comfortable way. It’s not fashionable, but you look good. You know what I mean? You’re not constantly looking like this schlubby dude all day.

There’s this huge push towards athleisure.

KH: I know. I feel like we came in and kind of knocked people up a little bit. People were like, "What’s going on over there?" and we were like, "We’re kind of trying to change the way we see athletic wear." I thought, "Let’s make something that is affordable, that can bring in a wider, bigger platform for women to be able to motivate themselves," because I think it is a big motivator.

OH: Athletic clothes are acceptable for women to wear now and use as their daily uniforms. Going back to the men’s line, men have never really had that. You’re either wearing neon, you look like you’re working out all the time, or you’re wearing normal clothes—so this is a nice way to present yourself in society without looking like you’ve just run a marathon.

KH: You want to be cute but you want to be comfortable. The whole point is, you want things to tuck you in. We did these new seamless leggings that are so good. I’m so excited about them. They just, like, everything. Ugh. Anyway, it’s really fun.

Tell us about your workout routine.

OH: I do a class called Circuit Works, which is really great, in Santa Monica. And then I do a lot of beach workout stuff and weights. Steve Zim, A Tighter U, it’s this little gym in Culver City. The equipment’s from the ‘90s, but it is just the place to be. No one bothers you. It’s amazing. And now it’s catching on. There’s all these huge celebrities and all of a sudden they’re in this weird little gym, and Steve, the guy who owns it is like, "What is going on?" and I’m like, "I don’t know." People are finding it because they hear it’s out of the way and … so I like to mix it up. I love to be on the beach. I’ve been doing it with Angie, with our friend Angie Green, who works us out on the beach, and she’s great.

Oliver and Kate Hudson Fabletics
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KH: She’s amazing. She’s really inspiring.

OH: And, uh, she works my ass out. She pushes hard to where I’m like, "Stop!" But just being on the beach is great, running and you’re jumping in the ocean.

And you, Kate?

KH: I get bored, so I do everything from Pilates, to boxing, to spinning, to barre class, to dancing. To sleeping.

OH: I’m really good at recovering.

Do you have a favorite workout?

KH: Recovery is my favorite.

KH: We’re a Bloody Mary family. We love a Bloody Mary. Mom started that. We used to be like, “Ew! What is that? A Bloody Mary?" And then one New Year’s morning, we all went to Woody Creek Tavern in Aspen and everybody got Bloody Marys, and I said, "OK, fine, I’ll try it." And I had my first bloody Mary. That was it!

OH: Well, Pa—our dad—drinks Clamato Marys. He likes the Clamato—clam tomato juice. Clam juice when you’re hungover, I mean, does it get any worse?