Kate Hudson Explains Why Her Life Has Been a "Pretty Darn Good Journey"

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It's obvious from the second Kate Hudson steps onto any red carpet that the blonde talent is endlessly confident. She nails every designer gown she wears with aplomb and also regularly takes to Instagram to proudly showcase her insanely toned abs and svelte figure.

So what's Hudson's secret to maintaining that glow? "There is no secret. I think that contentment and happiness is something you practice and I think that everybody's life is different," she tells InStyle. "The secret is trying to tune into your own authentic, best authentic self really."

But just because Hudson makes it look easy doesn't mean happiness takes some work. "I think that's a very challenging thing to do in this day and age, when you just have a bunch of people flashing images of what you're supposed to be like, or what it's supposed to feel like, and if you have this you will be this," she says. "But really, it's not about that. It's about tuning into your own needs."

Hudson, who co-founded athletic wear line Fabletics to empower women, also has motivating words of advice for girls everywhere: "To love themselves. To honors themselves." So what would the talent tell her younger self now that she's grown to become a wise and powerful working mother? "Relax! Just relax. No, no. I'm kidding," she quipped. "I feel like every part of my younger self, the decisions that I made, I made for a reason. I don't ever look back at my life and go, 'What would I have told myself then that I know now?' Nothing, because I wouldn't be here now. Everything that my life has been has informed where I'm at now."

As we expected, the beauty looks back at her life with a smile. "I feel like it's been a pretty darn good journey," she says, adding this kernel of wisdom: "And some of that has to do with owning your stuff, owning your story."

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