Kate Bosworth's Best Advice for Brides-to-Be

Kate Bosworth
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Planning a wedding is certainly no easy task and especially for the bride for whom duties seem to pile sky high. But when it came to planning her big day with director Michael Polish, Kate Bosworth took a no-stress approach to the event. With wedding season in full swing, the star chatted with editors at SK-II's pop-up shop in New York City about what went into preparing for the moment, and the best piece of advice she could offer for brides-to-be.

"I was very calm—the nervousness and anxiety around the wedding had come in the planning and all the weeks and months of preparation," Bosworth shared "I remember Michael and I woke up really early on the day of the wedding, and I was like 'This is it. From here on out, no stress—we're just celebrating me and you and our love, and whatever goes wrong, that's all part of it,'" she added. "That really is the number one thing I'd tell brides. Just have your moment with your partner and say, 'now it's about us.' Everything else just goes along with it—the hilarity, the joy, the flaws and imperfections."

That's the spirit! Bosworth admitted that Polish's daughter was slightly more jittery about the event than she was, but the star wanted to keep a clear head and remember every detail about the day. "People always say that the wedding moment and that whole day ends up being a blur, but it was a memory we were making, and I feel like I remember everything so clearly," she said. "The funny thing is, Michael and I were the calm ones, but all these dramas happened with everyone else, but you just have to set your course and laugh about it in the end."

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"Have your moment with your partner and say, now it's about us. Everything else just goes along with it." - @KateBosworth

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Luckily, Bosworth's hair and makeup didn't add to any drama. Rather than changing up her product lineup or indulging in a brand-new skin treatment, she stuck to what she knew to avoid a last-minute complexion mishap. "I didn't want to do anything too crazy," she explained, noting that she swapped intense spa treatments and lasers for a DIY option. "If I'm ever in need of a quick fix, I'll use the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask ($90 for six; sk-ii.com). I was introduced to it by my makeup artist and friend Pati Dubroff, who did my makeup for the wedding, and it gives you this instant glow—perfect if you have a big event, or are going to a friend's birthday party where you'll have your picture taken."

She's not just the perfect blushing bride. See Kate Bosworth's best looks ever in our gallery!

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