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Kate Bosworth gave us a very glamorous behind-the-scenes look at how she got ready for Thursday’s Critics’ Choice Awards, where she arrived with husband Michael Polish by her side.

The awards show highlighted Kate at her capital F fashion best, but there was way more to her look than you'd think at first glance. On the red carpet, Bosworth told InStyle why, specifically, she wore her white lace Brock Collection dress as a way of responding to the Time’s Up movement and all of the stars who wore black at the 2018 Golden Globes.

Kate Bosworth
Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“What I think is so powerful that came out of that was the idea of hope, and light, and optimism, and positivity, and we discussed that as being expressed in the dress,” she told us. “I just wanted to feel the light of what was captured last weekend. Then they say after the dark comes the light.”

The flower on her dress, which rests at her hip, also had an important message. “This dress reminded me of a very modern suffragette dress; if you had a pin here it could very well express that in a modern way. I love that though it’s covered in classical, you can see the boning and so the expression of feminism to me was interesting in this dress,” she said.

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“We had that conversation: [Brock Collection designer Laura Vassar] started creating a flower and that also expressed a type of feminism in femininity to me that was powerful. It was really very much in our consciousness,” she added. Get more details about what went into the design here:

Inside of the star-studded show, Bosworth sipped FIJI water at her table, and dished up some advice for her younger self too in the context of Time’s Up: “I always would say to my younger self, don’t worry so much. Everything’s going to be OK, and stick to your guns, be true to yourself and have a lot of fun right now.”

Kate Bosworth
Credit: Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

Her plans right after the big Critics’ Choice night? “Get In-N-Out burger. Oh my God, I’m so ready for that."