Kate Bosworth Spills Her Street Style Secrets (Plus Check Out Her New Shoe Line!)

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As if we couldn't love Kate Bosworth any more than we already do, the ever-stylish actress just launched her latest designer collaboration—and this time she's stepped into the world of footwear!

The street style queen has teamed with Matisse footwear on an eclectic collection, which is inspired by different chapters of Bosworth’s life. Think: everything from her Blue Crush days to her favorite football team, the Dallas Cowboys. We caught up withBosworth at her Nordstrom launch in Los Angeles to get the scoop on her newest collaborative endeavor and to talk about all things street style.

“Street style for me is just all about mixing it up…wearing things that contrast a little and that are little bit unexpected," she told us. "But most importantly, [street style] is about being fashion forward but also being easy and comfortable, which is why during the design process I was really just thinking about the girl who has a similar lifestyle to my own—a girl who is busy, active, and motivated."

When it came to her shoe line, Bosworth is purposefully trying to cover all her bases. “I wanted to create stylish shoes that not only give you a little bit of a lift but can also be worn all day and transition into your night outfit without killing your feet," she said. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. Bosworth should know; she's a girl on the go. "Transitional wear is type of fashion I personally invest in and appreciate in my own wardrobe so I design with that same intention," the actress-designer said. "I wanted to create shoes with versatility and wear-ability.”

Bosworth went on to reveal that her “favorite thing about footwear is that someone can be a little more daring and explore a trend or a color or a texture that might make them a little nervous to explore in an entire outfit.” So we asked the sartorial master to create the perfect street style looks using three of the more daring shoes in her collection:

The Charlotte ($504, nordstrom.com)

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“Because of the silver studs and the bold blue color, I would be prone to wearing something tonal to go with the blue and the silver. I am a really big fan of playing with different tones of the same color so I think I would go with a lighter shade of blue…like a pair of super, super light wash denim shorts or skirt and paired with a crème-colored top. This simple outfit would bring out the colors boots and keep them as the focal point of the outfit.”

The Dawn ($379, matissefootwear.com)

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“This shoe is definitely aesthetically directional. I always say that if there is something that intrigues you about a shoe but you're a little nervous about the way it looks in your hand, try it on because sometimes it transforms on your feet and looks totally different! The Dawn is a nod to my character in Blue Crush because I feel like they have that surf vibe. Wearing it with some tie-dye pieces would be cool and would play on that inspiration and look and would also bring a Proenza feel to the ensemble—or even a cool simple silhouette like a neoprene dress. Or you could even make it more of a neon statement. I would also wear these with skinny jeans or a pair of denim shorts. The options are endless with these bad boys!”

The Kelly ($320, matissefootwear.com)

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Again, I would look at the different tones in this shoe to play on the pinks and whites. To dress them up, I would wear a similar-toned simple dress, or if I wanted to dress them down, I would pair them with some light-washed, low-slung, boyfriend jeans. The shoes themselves kind of remind me of the '80s in a funny way. I grew up with these colors and with Rainbow Brite and with My Little Pony so I think wearing them with retro-looking jeans and a white t-shirt would be a really cool, simple street style look.”

Ranging from whimsical star-embellished boots to platform neoprene sandals, the 10-piece collection is diverse in scope and effortlessly cool. Click to shop the full Kate Bosworth x Matisse collection while you still can.

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