By Andrea Cheng
Updated Feb 12, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
Brian Killian/WireImage

New Yorkers love to complain about the weather. It's what we do best. And now that the forecast is set to drop to something as low as 3 degrees on Saturday, it's all anyone can talk about, especially during New York Fashion Week shows. When we bumped into Kate Bosworth at the Kate Spade New York fall/winter 2016 presentation, we had to ask her: What's your secret to staying warm?

"I have none, honestly," she says. "I'm in the midst of a massive remodel in LA and all my coats are in storage, and I'm here basically coat-less. I'm begging people to lend me coats right now."

Are you serious? You have no coats?

"I'm like, literally, if I’m not out, I’m going to be in bed," Bosworth insists. "I'm going to be very boring this Fashion Week." Hopefully, that won't be the case!