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In the best news you’ll hear all day, Kate Bosworth is “absolutely” down to be in the Blue Crush reboot. NBC is bringing back the beloved surfing movie as a TV series, and the film’s original star has yet to be approached about returning—but she definitely wants in.

“I’m so grateful to it and I’m thrilled that it’s continuing on. I think it’s a very inspirational, empowered story, and so I’m absolutely thrilled. That’s something that will always be in my life, and I would love to continue with my character’s story. Absolutely,” Bosworth told InStyle on Tuesday while promoting her upcoming National Geographic series The Long Road Home.

“It’s a role that spoke to me deeply at a time when I was 18 years old, I had just moved out to L.A. and I was reading these kind of blonde, artificial, two-dimensional characters. And then Blue Crush came to me and I read it and I just thought, ‘I love this girl. I am this girl. I know who she is. I understand what it means to want to fulfill a dream so badly that you just feel like it’s everything to you,’” she added.

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“Countless times girls and particularly the mothers of young girls will say, ‘My daughter decided to do something because she saw Blue Crush and now she’s trying to fulfill her dream.’ It’s the most fulfilling feeling in the world to me.”

Bosworth had “never touched a surfboard” before taking on the part, and she has some sage advice for any newbies who get cast in the reboot. “You have to maintain an extreme level of patience, an extreme level of determination. Don’t give up,” she told us.

The actress hasn’t surfed in quite a while, but she would love to get back in the water. A few years back, Bosworth brought her husband, Michael Polish, to meet her Blue Crush team and catch some waves in Hawaii. “The last time I surfed was in Hawaii with Brian Keaulana [who worked with her on the 2002 movie]. He’s truly like half-dolphin, I always tell him this. He should live in the water. He almost does. He took me out surfing with my husband.”

“Michael had never been to Hawaii before so I took him to the North Shore of Oahu and kind of showed him my old stomping ground and introduced him to my team that I could not have—I say this sincerely—I could not have successfully fulfilled the part the way I did without my incredible team in Hawaii. They’re family to me. And so I introduced Michael to them and we all surfed together and it was really wonderful,” Bosworth told InStyle.

“I got truly spoiled in Hawaii. When you’re surfing in beautiful blue waters like that on the best waves in the world, it’s hard to go back.”

We're hoping Bosworth will be back on a board soon—and this time, filming it.