Kate Bosworth BAW
Credit: Presley Ann/Getty Images

It may seem like Hollywood's stars have all the power in the world, but according to Kate Bosworth, being an actor on a production comes with a certain lack of control. "I love acting, but it started to feel [like] too much of a limited experience in the scope of things," the actress and producer says on episode 3 of InStyle’s new radio show, Who Runs the World: Badass Women Special, airing today. "When you're purely acting in something, you have absolutely no control of the outcome. You can think it's going to be the most amazing, Oscar-worthy experience and it ends up being a Frankenstein version of what it was for various reasons."

That's why she branched out from solely acting to starting production company Make Pictures Productions with husband Michael Polish (an "honorary badass woman," according to Who Runs the World host and InStyle Editor in Chief Laura Brown.

Bosworth decided to "make pictures that matter," starting off with Nona, a film that sheds light on the reality of human trafficking today. "If we can make art that somehow makes a difference, and even if that's one person seeing the movie and says, 'Wow I have a different understanding of the plight of this person and my humanity and my empathy has deepened significantly,' then I feel like I've done something that means a lot to me."

Also in this episode, which airs at 1 p.m. ET today on Apple Music Beats 1 Radio, WNBA President Lisa Borders, singer-songwriter Lykke Li, and Sesame Workshop’s President of Global Impact and Philanthropy Sherrie Westin spill their secrets about standing tall, even when their confidence wavers.

Swedish artist Lykke Li says being at the top of your game isn’t always so easy. “I also try to sympathize with everyone else who feels self-doubt too, because everyone doubts. It’s such a human thing,” Li says. “I think it’s more about following your own intuition and your own creativity and your own lust.”

And when you've done that, and accomplished what you set out to do, you should be damn proud, she adds: “I think making an album after having a baby—that is actually the most badass thing I’ve done.”

WNBA President Lisa Borders, meanwhile, says that confidence is a skill that's worked on and calls out three attributes that every leader should strive for: competence, confidence, and compassion. “If you are confident, you bring your authentic voice to the table,” she says. “But if you are compassionate, you actually leave space for others to be invited to the table and fully engage as they might want to do.”

Making sure that women and other underrepresented people have a seat at the table is something exceptionally important to Sesame Street’s Westin as well. In the episode, she breaks down the decision to include the very first HIV-positive character, Kami, on the show. “We chose a girl because so often people did not think girls could have HIV. We made sure she was healthy because so often people thought you couldn’t be healthy and still have the virus. And we modeled that you can’t catch AIDs from playing with Kami,” Westin says. “I am absolutely convinced we saves lives.”

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