Kate Beckinsale Gave Her Daughter a "Psycho" Christmas Gift

She said it, not us.

The most wonderful time of the year doesn't generally involve disembodied heads, but for Kate Beckinsale, this year did, in fact, include a very realistic head. In an Instagram post, Beckinsale showed off the gift that she gave her 20-year-old daughter, Lily Mo, and called it "fucking PSYCHO."

The gift in question is a pillow in the shape of Lily's boyfriend's head. She's currently dating David Schechter and, judging by Beckinsale's post, whoever she ordered from prides themselves on realism as well as injecting the pillows with just enough creepy. The pillow featured in a screencap from a FaceTime call, which Beckinsale posted to her feed.

"So.. getting a pillow made in the shape of your daughter's boyfriend's head for when she misses him when she comes home is CUTE," she wrote. "It arriving the day after she leaves makes you a fucking PSYCHO who is watching Showtime with a taxidermy of your daughter's boyfriend's head. Look for me on true crime shows shortly."

Lily and Schechter don't have any hard feelings, however, since they're nothing but huge smiles in the snapshot. Beckinsale even got down and dirty in the comments, addressing followers who pointed out the resemblance between Schechter and Beckinale's current boyfriend, writing, "here's what's weird - I'm dating an IDENTICAL looking man to my daughter's boyfriend except my boyfriend's head is SLIGHTLY bigger."

"It's terrifying I've locked myself in the bathroom because it keeps hugely leering at me," she wrote to another fan.

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