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It's weird to think how far removed we are from the year 2009 at this point, but here we are, nearly 8 years after the initial launch of Kat Von D's now-infamous fragrances. With two very distinct scents, aptly named Saint and Sinner, Von D entered the fragrance world, only to roll out two more (Adora and Poetica) in the years that followed. Each was notable in its own right, but Saint and Sinner were widely considered the most popular out of the group. Sinner was heavy on the patchouli, which was balanced with sweeter elements like vanilla, plum, and a twist of cinnamon. Saint also had a cinnamon element, but erred toward the gourmand end of the spectrum with caramel and orange. The fragrances were practically everywhere, stocked within every Sephora and travel bottles littering our bathroom counters, then all of a sudden, they were just gone without explanation. We were left to troll eBay listings to get our fix, which could often be suspect.

Suffice it to say that today is a great day. Kat Von D has relaunched both scents, and they look better than ever.

The gorgeous, sculpted bottles were actually sketched by Kat herself, and the specific shape of the flacon reminded her of a human heart when she held it in her hand. The makeup and tattoo artist's goal was to make the exterior as gorgeous as the scents housed within. Mission accomplished, we'd say.

There are a few slight differences in the notes used in new installments, however. Saint replaces the sweet caramel element with almond blossom and peach at the base, while the 2017 update to Sinner gives the scent a more musk-driven twist, as opposed to the dominant patchouli notes in the OG version.

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