Karmin - LEAD
Credit: Chelsea Lauren

Amy Noonan (née Heidemann), one half of the electropop duo Karmin, is having a busy Friday. Not only is her new album out—she’s moving into a new home and celebrating her 11-year anniversary with her bandmate and husband, Nick Noonan. “For some reason, I thought it would be fun to do all of that on the same day,” she told InStyle over the phone, from a Home Depot in Los Angeles, ahead of the release.

But it turns out the chain of events was a cosmic sign—one of many that has profoundly influenced the couple following a recent astrological reading, and ultimately resulted in the aforementioned EP, appropriately titled Leo Rising. “A lot of spiritual people believe things happen in threes,” Amy added. Below, more from the Noonans on the zodiac and how their sound has evolved over time.

Eleven years is a long time! How did you two meet?
Nick: We met at Berklee [College of Music in Boston]. We knew of each other freshman year, but we didn’t start dating until sophomore year.

Amy: We were 19 years old.

Nick: It was a while ago!

What did you do on your first date?
Nick: Car bombs!

Amy: He’s kidding. We went for a walk. How college is that?

Nick: We walked down Massachusetts Avenue down to the Charles River.

Amy: It was beautiful. Very romantic.

Why did you decide to meet with an astrologer?
Nick: It was a gift from our band and crew. We knew we were Tauruses, but we didn’t know that much about it. We were pretty skeptical at first, but it blew our minds. We had never done anything like that before.

Amy: We met with Gahl [Sasson], aka the Cosmic Navigator. He’s endorsed by the Dalai Lama, so he’s legit. He took our birth time, location, date, and plugged it into his computer and then talked to us for 40 minutes. It was a lot more scientific than I thought. Everything is charted out. They have records of where the planets were at every minute of every day.

Nick: It was so spot-on, so we wanted to dive into it more. We had already written a couple of songs for the next album and thought they could fit signs already. “Didn’t Know You” seemed to go with Gemini—a person who can switch back and forth between two personalities.

Was there a “WTF” moment during the reading?
Nick: Well, he had no idea who we were, but he knew Amy used her voice in her profession.

Amy: The rising sign was what blew our minds the most, hence the title of the album. It’s supposed to be the sign of your destiny—what you’re supposed to become in this lifetime—and Leo is the center of attention. As much as I love Taurus, I identify with that. It’s a way for me to explain my artistry, too, since we’ve evolved a bit on this album.

How has your sound changed since your last record?
Nick: We wanted to approach it much more like a band would in the '70s: less processing, less perfection, less sterilization. I wanted to treat it more like a soul record and really dive into the harmonies. We wanted to let everything take its natural course.

Watch the music video for "Along The Road" below, and buy Leo Rising for $10 from the iTunes Store.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.