Uh, business-savvy minds ... fall in love?

In case you’re returning to the internet after a social media detox á la Ariana Grande, here’s a big update: Karlie Kloss is engaged! The superstar model said yes to longtime boyfriend Joshua Kushner, the entrepreneur and investor whose brother happens to be White House advisor Jared Kushner. Small world!

Kloss, we presume, must have liked Joshua’s handsome looks, but also the fact that, like her, he’s got his s— together. In addition to having walked every runway from New York to Paris and signing coveted modeling contracts with brands like Adidas, Swarovski, and Express, Kloss is also a boss in the boardroom.

In 2015, she launched Kode With Klossy, a non-profit that teaches teenage girls how to code and “become leaders in tech.” And if that weren’t enough, she regularly shares content on YouTube to over 700,000 subscribers and launched a talk show on Freeform last year. In December 2017, Forbes added her to its 30 Under 30 portfolio.

So how much is an entrepreneur with so many projects making? In 2014, she made a splash on the Forbes highest-paid models list for making $4 million pretax, and in 2017, the number more than doubled to $9 million. While it’s just a ballpark estimate, Kloss’s unofficial net worth is around $20 million.

Considering her new fiancé’s company Oscar is valued at $2.7 billion as of April 2017, it’s safe to say these two don’t have to worry about adding guac to their Chipotle order.